Course descriptions


Biodiversity and Conservation


-Biodiversity and Conservation


To learn about tropical ecosystems and biodiversity in Costa Rica, discuss the major threats to biodiversity, introduce basic concepts of conservation biology, and discuss its strategies for biodiversity

Course description:

  • Biological diversity
  • Distribution of biodiversity
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Conservation Biology
  • Practical applications

Field trips:

Lowland dry and wet forests, premontane and montane forests, as well as high-montane and paramo forests


Introduction to Latin American Studies (Language and Civilization)
Appreciation of Popular Latin American Music


-Introduction to Latin American Studies (Language and Civilization)


To offer an introduction to the study of Latin America through an interdisciplinary interpretation of the social phenomena of this region.

Course description:

  • Land and people
  • Historical framework and identity
  • Latin American chronotope
  • Main social patterns
  • Philosophy and intellectual tradition.

-Appreciation of Popular Latin American Music


To appreciate the most widely-known genres of popular dance music in Latin America, and their fusion with other genres

Course description:

Students will achieve a broader perspective of Latin American dance music genres, through their history and evolution. and by listening to different compositions in order to understand today’s music. 


  • First stages of Afro-Latin music
  • The cycle of Afro-Cuban rumba music
  • Salsa genre
  • Latin jazz
  • Other Afro-Caribbean genres


International Economic Law
Business Climate in Central America


-International Economic Law


To discuss elements of International Economics within a legal framework context,  including multilateral trade

Course Description:

The course on International Law aims at providing an introduction to the legal framework of international trade relations taking place in Latin America. It is based on the main international instruments subscribed by the countries of the region and that have fostered economic integration within the different blocs - Mercosur, Andean Pact, Caricom, the FTAA, the Association Agreement with the European Union, which are developed in various international forums, WTO being the most important.


  • International instruments in force
  • Operation of the main commercial blocs
  • The impact of international trade relations in the domestic, national or regional trade

-Business Climate in Central America


To provide students with a better understanding of the business environment and culture in developing countries, with special emphasis on Central America 
Course description:

It offers a broad description of Costa Rican and Central American business sectors. It entails current events and pressing issues, such as free trade agreements, foreign investment, and business culture in general.


  • Emergent Markets in Latin America
  • Perspective of Central American Economy
  • Competitiveness Model
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Central America
  • Growing industries: tourism, electronics components, and the agro-industrial sector
  • Multinational Firm Set-Up: Intel- Costa Rica Case
  • CAFTA: Major implications
  • What is the role of rainforests in global climate?
  • Cross-cultural leadership
  • Educational visits