Fieldtrip Descriptions

These one-day fieldtrips are available for students who register the courses offered:

-Wandering into San José

The city is a dynamic space where history, architecture, biology, society, and culture, among other things are woven, so building a specific landscape with many realities. The city is known through direct contact and in situ experimentation.

The route is designed to travel through San José. Walking is our means of transportation, so having direct contact with people, architecture, climate, and the landscape, as a whole.  It is intended to be an activity that involves everyone’s participation, since we all have our own say as to the world’s cities.


-Irazu Volcano, Guayabo National Monument, Ujarrás Ruins, Orosi Valley

Cartago is one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica. It is located in the center of the country. Its main city, Cartago, was founded in 1563 by Juan Vásquez de Coronado and was the capital of Costa Rica until 1823. Its geography reveals a sequence of very attractive landscapes.

The tour includes:

  • Irazú Volcano National Park:   
    • Craters and Prusia forest. 
  • Guayabo National Monument: 
    • This is an archaeological site located 19 km northeast from Turrialba. 
  • Orosi Valley: 
    • This small town offers travelers an ideal place to see some of the country’s historical landmarks. 
  • Ruins of Ujarrás: 
    • It is the oldest colonial church in the country.